Bread Pizza

This is presumably one of the quickest recipes we can make for breakfast, lunch box or as a snack. I make this type of bread pizzas pretty often, especially for breakfast and in lunch box. Everybody loves these mini bread pizzas, especially my two monsters.


an instant, cheat and quick version of traditional pizza recipe with bread slices used as its base. it can be easily served as a snack and also for breakfast and lunch.bread pizza can be prepared on tawa or in oven varying topping to your preferences. i always keep my bread pizza simple with just onions, capsicum , mushrooms and olives. however, you can also add pineapple, tomato to make it more tasty. I have used @dairycraft pizza cheese ( it’s mozzarella and cheddar cheese combination) , @amulindia cheese spread and also some olive oil for this bread pizza.

I make this bread pizza on tawa rather then on microwave. If you also using the tawa where the chances of the pizza getting burnt is rather more, as compared to using the microwave. So you’re bread pizza need little more attention on tawa.

Course: Breakfast, Tiffin box

Cuisine : Indian

Prep Time: 10minutes

Cook Time: 10minutes

Total Time: 20minutes

Servings: 4 peoples

Calories : 94kcal


• 6 Slices whole wheat bread

• 1/2 cup mushrooms chopped

• 1 capsicum Finely chopped

• 1 small tomato finely chopped

• 1 medium size onion finely chopped

• ½ cup olive

• ¼ tsp black pepper

• Salt to taste

• ½ tsp Red chilly flakes or as required

• 1 tsp Oregano or as required for sprinkling

• Pizza pasta sauce

• Butter

• 1 tsp Olive oil

• Pizza cheese


• Take a bowl . Add the vegetable but for extra flavour you can use sauté the vegetables also .

• Apply pizza pasta sauce and cheese spread over the bread.

• Arrange the toppings- spread vegetable mixture over the pizza sauce, black pepper, salt, grated mozzarella cheese, oregano or you can use italian seasoning also and lastly sprinkle some chilly flakes to make it spicy.

• Repeat the same process for other bread slices.

• Take a non- stick pan and slightly grease the pan with butter and put the bread pizza on tawa.

• Cover with the lid and cook on medium low flame till the cheese melts and bread become crisp. It takes around 2-3 minutes to get roasted.

• Uncovered the lid and take out the bread Pizza in a serving plate.

• Cut into wedges and serve hot.

Pizza Cups

It always feels great to watch when your children chosen off a healthy home-cooked meal over outside. I prepared Pizza Cups for recent children’s tea party . They not only makes your menu looks fancy, but also fun. I know most of you know Bread pizza, but making pizza cups are very cute and interesting to. Homemade party food ideas will help you to stick to your budget.This recipe are simple to make and not need much pre- preparation in the day before party. .



Bread slices – 6

Mushrooms- 8 button ( chopped)

Onion – 1 ( chopped)

Tomato – 1 ( chopped)

Capsicum – 1 ( chopped)

Fresh Basil – 3 ( chopped)

Mozzarella cheese – To top

pizza sauce – 2 tbsp

Caesar sauce- 2 tbsp

Italian seasoning – 1 tsp

Olive oil – 2 tsp

Crushed red pepper – To sprinkle on top(optional)


1. Pre-heat oven to 200 deg C.

2. To make pizza cups, trim the bread sides use square directly or cut the bread slices with a lid to a circle . Brush a muffin tray with oil and place these bread circles in it so that to make a cup shape.Spread the caesar and pizza sauce.

3. Sprinkle the chopped veggies and cheese on top of it. Sprinkle with the italian seasoning and chopped basil . Place baking tray in OTG.

4. Bake for 7-9 minutes or untill the bread turns golden in colour and crisp too.