Samak Ki Idlis

The recipes made during fasting /Vrat ka khana ,are often deep fried or shallow fried so we consume a lot of ghee or oil.These steamed samak Atta ki idli are very good as they are easy to digest and taste good,serve these samak ki idlis with healthy and delicious-fruit & nut chutney , coconut green chutney and tomato chutney.

Prep time- 10 min

Cooking time- 10 min

Type-vrat ka khana

Yields-12 idli


• Samak ka Atta- 1 cup

• Yogurt- 1/2 cup

• Spinach- 1/2 cup (purée)

• lemon juice- 1/2 tsp

• Ginger,chopped- 1tsp

• Salt- to taste

• Fruit salt- 1/2 tsp(optional)


• Cumin seeds- 3/4 tsp

• Cooking oil- 2 tsp

• Green chilies,chopped- 1.5 tsp


1. Take a bowl and mix samak atta , curd and spinach puree.

2. Heat oil in a small pan and add cumin and chilies in the same pan and fry till cumin become golden in colour.

3. Add this tempering into samak mixture.

4. Add ginger,lemon juice and salt in the batter and stir well.

5. Boil enough water in the idli steamer and grease the idli mould with oil.

6. When water start boiling,mix fruit salt in the samak batter and immediately pour the idli batter in the moulds.

7. Cover the steamer and cook for 8-10 minutes.

8. Now switch off the flame and  remove the plates from the steamer after 5-8 minutes.

9. Now with a greased spoon scoop out the idlis.

10. Serve with coconut green chutney,tomato chutney or fruit and nut chutney.



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