Sagoo chat in Potato cups

Sagoo(Sabudana) chaat recipe is an Indian delicacy served for breakfast or evening snack specially in vrat (fasting) . It is filling and healthy too .It is so delicious and can be have on any regular day .Its an easy to cook and less time taking . Here is quick recipe for sabudana chat in Potato cups.


3 Potato ( boiled)

2 tbsp sagoo (sabudana) , soaked for 4 hours

2 green chillies

4 tsp peanuts

1 cucumber , chopped

1 tomato , chopped

1 tsp cumin powder

Salt to taste

Coriander leaves

Pomegranate pearl


1. Using a paring knife cut into the half  and scoop out the insides, leaving about a 1/4 inch for potato cups.

2. Shallow Fry until crisp both the sides .

3. Take a pan add water, make it boil then add sago, salt in it . When the sago boiled. Transfer into another bowl.

4. In a mixing bowl add sago, cucumber, tomato,peanut, green chillies, cumin powder, salt , coriander leaves .

5. Squeeze the lemon on the mixture.

6. Pour the mixture in Potato cups.

7. Garnish with pomegranate pearls and Serve.



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