A Nutritional, healthy , delightful Savory evening snack. This crispy kebab nourished with high fibre , minerals , vitamins and beta-carotene.


4 raw Bananas (boiled)
2 Potatoes (boiled)
1 tbsp oil 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
Salt to taste
½ tsp chilli powder
2 tsp finely chopped Ginger
2 tsp finely chopped Green Chillies

1tsp dry rose petals powder
2 tsp chopped Coriander
½ cup Green Peas (blanched)
½ cup mix veggies (capsicum, carrot, beans) fine chopped
1 tbsp chopped Coriander


1. Wash & trim the head & tail of raw bananas. Heat a pan with water and cook the raw bananas until soft. They will change color. This will take 5-7 mins. Once it cooked , keep it aside for cooling down and peel the skin .

2. Grate the cooked bananas.

3. Add potato ,green chili, ginger , salt, coriander leaves , rose petal powder,chilli powder, peas ,onions and other veggies.Mix together and knead a dough. Do not add water .

4 .Make small balls give them desire shape . Shallow fry them in oil on heavy tawa.

5. Serve hot with mint chutney .



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