Beetroot Appe


* 1cup ‏suji / semolina
* 2 tbsp ‏Curd
* 1 tbsp each ‏Capsicum, onions, carrots, green beans and dhania ( fine chopped)
* 1 ‏Green chilli
* 1/2 cup Beetroot purée
* 1/2 sachet ‏Eno/ fruit salt
* 3-4 ‏Curry leaves
* 1/4 tsp ‏Mustard seeds
* as per your taste ‏Salt
* 1 tbsp ‏oil

1)So in a large mixing bowl add the rava which is suji along with the curd and Beetroot purée.
2)carrots, capsicum, green chillies, then the green beans, onions, fresh dhania ,some salt and mix it all in.
3)Then add little water say about ¼ cup and mix it well it should be nice thick batter but still at pouring consistency
4) and now cover it up and keep it aside for the next 10-15 minutes.
5)After 15 minutes the batter must have soaked all the water and should still be at pouring consistency. Lets keep it aside
(if the batter is thick then add some more water)
and now it’s time to work on the tadka.
6)So in a tempering vessel add 1 tsp of oil and once hot, add the mustard seeds and once they start to sizzle add the torn curry leaves
7)and add it to rava and mix it well.
8)Now add half a packet of eno and mix it vigorously.
9)Now the batter is ready so it’s time to cook it
10)So take the appe / appam pan grease it with oil and once it’s hot take about 1 tsp of this batter and pour it in each of the cavities.
11)Once all the appe or appams are garnished then cover the lid and cook on low flame for the next 3-4 minutes or until the bottom side is golden brown in color.
12) After 3-4 minutes flip the appes and cook for the next 2-3 minutes.
13) After 2-3 minutes the appes or appams should be ready so remove them out in a plate and they are ready to pack in Tiffin.


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